Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back to the Neustadt

After my little excursion to the Neustadt with the tour group, I decide to go back.  There was a cute little Christmas store and a Communist memorabilia store that I wanted to look about in.  Unfortunately, they were closed.  There were handwritten signs in the window stating that they were "taking a short vacation."  "Short vacation" could mean anything from a day to a week, depending on their nationality, so I'll just have to cross my fingers and try again.   Anywho.

I walked this time, instead of taking the Strassenbahn.  It was much less cold (do not confuse with "warmer."  That is a word I will not be using until it is actually true.  Like in May.) than it was yesterday.  It was still pretty frosty, but a nice kind of frosty where you're cheerfully cold and look around for a bakery to have tea in.  I tried one of Dresden's specialties -Eierscheke -which is a kind of cake with the typical fluffy bottom crust, a thin layer of sweet cheese and raisins, and then a fluffy eggy layer.  There's sugar on top.  Quite delicious.

Before I had my (admittedly early) tea, I wandered and took some photos of the plentiful graffiti in the Neustadt.

I also saw some gorgeous birdhouses -there were more in the shop behind the wall.  It was super fun and artsty -just my kind of place.  They had colorful masking tape, soap dispensers shaped like poodles, and magnetic paper clip holders, among lots of other awesome stuff.

Thought I wouldn't like the Neustadt, being a bit old-fashioned.  I was blessedly wrong.

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