Friday, February 3, 2012

Eating Good on 20 Euro a Week

Yes.  This is a two-post kind of day.  This one is mostly for Lauren, fellow student and study abroad-er who shares my love of good food, but likes bread more than I do.  Note that this post will not talk about bread, rather bread-substitutes for those of us not possessed by carb-love.

That is a scrambled-egg confection of bacon, swiss cheese, apples, and eggs atop a bed of arugula.  It was supposed to be an omelet, but the pans here are pretty old and the heat is pretty irregular, so it turned out more as scrambled eggs.  The point is not how good it looks (cause we can all agree it doesn't) rather how delicious it is.  Er, was.

In general, I'm not a big fan of bread (except my beloved Ezekiel bread, and then only toasted or for sandwiches) or of pasta or potatoes (unless microwaved to perfection and topped with butter and salt).  With no microwave (goodbye potatoes) and no toaster or Ezekiel bread (goodbye bread) it was time to branch out to other options.

Enter eggs.  Versatile, cheap, and pleasingly shaped, they're a winner in my book.  As I mentioned before, they're richer and tastier than the American variety and NOT as cheap.  The cheapest option here is 1.29 Euro for 10, while I've bought a dozen for 0.99 in the US.  But I like them.  And there are lots of mix-in options -like above.

Fresh veggies are more seasonal here.  One thing I noticed is that most of the out-of-season veggies available are the organic ones -so much for saving the earth.  Fruits are also available -especially apples.

As far as meat and cheese are concerned, the Germans love Gouda and Swiss, don't have Cheddar, and have more ham varieties than I could ever dream existed.  The closest thing to Greek yogurt is Quark, and I made the 5 euro mistake of confusing something in the yogurt section in a Greek-looking container with Greek yogurt.  I am now the proud owner of a huge plastic carton of Tzaziki.  I don't like cucumbers or garlic, so it will live in my fridge to remind me to read labels more carefully.    

To make the delicious scrambled eggs above, I chopped three small slices of cooked bacon, and half an apple into tiny chunks.  I scrambled them with three eggs and 1 thick slice of Swiss cheese.  Then I poured them on top of a huge handful of arugula.  Delicious.

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  1. Emma, your Lansdale family is glued to these posts and pictures. Am I surprised at your love for good food? You are unbelievably creative - not a surprise either. Just stay warm and keep your blogs coming, we are at the edge of our seats as we read about you and your adventures. Thanks so much - we love you!! G & O