Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday in Berlin

Am Sonntag bin ich nach Berlin gefahren, um meine Freundin zu besuchen.  Heh.  Just kidding.  On Sunday I went to Berlin to visit a friend from school.  She's studying urban planning and the "two city" phenomenon -differences between east and west.  She's pretty cool.  She invited me to go to church with her, and since I could get a super cheap ticket for the 3-hour journey, I decided to go up for the day.  I got there around noon, ate a delicious belegtes broetchen (discovered a new bread-product I actually like!) and hit the Natural History Museum (Museum fuer Naturkunde) with what felt like every family in the greater-city area.  Oh well, it was super awesome.  You know I like sciency stuff.

This last picture is of a super-famous fossil.  It is only one of 10 known specimens and by far the best preserved.  The farmer who discovered it originally traded it for a cow.

The public transportation system in Berlin intimidated me a little, so I walked everywhere.  At -8 Celsius, it was pretty cold, but I went inside often enough that I was ok.  I decided to do the "tourist walk" towards the Brandenburg Gate.  Given the cold and the fact that it was Sunday, things were pretty quiet and still.  I liked it -it was snowing lightly and so pretty.

Unfortunately there was a large group of protestors and police at the Brandenburg Gate, so I snapped a quick picture from afar and then fled in the opposite direction.  I can always come back at some point.

Right around the corner was the memorial to the Jews murdered during the Holocaust.  There was a little visitors center so I went in (it was warm) and looked at the stories and pictures.  It was dark and silent and filled with foreigners.  There was a metal detector and bag-scanner at the door.

Thankfully it was a SHORT walk to meet my friend.  We had coffee -well, actually, I had hot cocoa and chatted in English about American stuff.  Like commiserating about how much we miss peanut butter.  All in all, a good day.

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