Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things They Didn't Tell Me

Some things I've learned in my first three days here:  Dresden is cold and dry.  The kind of cold and dry where you feel like you've been put in a dehydrator in the freezer.  Thankfully they have the BEST hand cream here.  It's like nothing I've ever used before -thick, rich, instant-absorbing, and unscented.  It also comes in a tiny container.  That goes with lesson number two: Everything here is smaller.  Really.  Toothpaste and lotion and shampoo come in containers half the size they do in America.  Cars are much smaller (lots of Peugeot and Citroen in Dresden). Eggs come in 10s, not dozens.  And speaking of eggs, that's number three on the surprise list: the yolks are bright orange.  Traffic cone orange.  Eggs here are also much tastier -richer and milder in flavor then they are in the US.  Oh, and number four: people look at you funny when you eat your cake without tea.

It's only been three days and I'm practically an expert.  A really cold and dried-out expert.

Enjoy some pictures of my surroundings.  The first one is my apartment door (I'm number 19).  Second is the outer door to my apartment building.  Third is an example of the ubiquitous Strassenbahn Haltestelle.  Note that it is 14 degrees Fahrenheit.  The windchill means it feels like 0 (according to  In Celcius, that's between -10 and -14.  I did not wear gloves so I could take pictures for you all.  Well maybe for me too.  A little bit.

Then a little of the Goethe Institut.  The picture at the head of this post is from the map in my classroom.

Did I mention that it's cold?

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