Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Wanderer

After purchasing my Fahrkarte (good for a month of travel anytime, anywhere in the entire city of Dresden) I set out to do some exploring.  By the time the require things were done, it was past 15:00 and by the time I had gotten ready to go, it was nearly 15:45.  By the time the tram finally got there, it was almost 16:00.  Places here are on a rigid schedule and close usually by 17:00.  No time for the museum I wanted to see, and bitterly cold.  At -12 degrees Celsius, this was not a day for exploring.  So I did what any good German would do.  Stopped for Kaffee und Kuchen.  Minus the Kaffee.  I don't do coffee.  So just kuchen.  It was delicious:

After I was a little warmed up, I set off to find some photo-worthy buildings.  I needed to be a tourist!  In my wanderings I came across several pretty buildings and fountains (don't know any of their names):

Then in a funny random happenstance, I walked into one of Dresden's "crown jewels," so to speak:  Die Frauenkirche.  Almost completely destroyed by allied bombing in the second world war, the church has been rebuilt to her former glory, complete with original stones wherever they could be found.  The builders used old wedding photographs and personal memories to reconstruct the church.  Truly an awe-inspiring sight.

It's lovely here.


  1. Loveloveloveloveloooove the arm band idea, it's so cute! Also, I want a Kuchen. Like now.

  2. Emma, Your blogs, complete with fantastic pictures are a real highlight of the day for moi! How totally generous you are to share the many details.

    You sure have some fantastic picture taking skills. What kind of a camera are you using?

    Can't wait to "have desert" with you again tomorrow.

    Hugs - guess who