Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Out

Today we all (teachers included) took a day off of classes to explore parts of Ludwigsburg (home to a fantastic Baroque palace), Stuttgart (namely the Mercedes-Benz museum), and Esslingen (for a wine tasting).  It was a very, very long day.  It was also lovely weather (in the high 60s) and the company, food, and experiences were great.  Without further ado, Ludwigsburg (pictures inside the Schloss were, sadly, forbidden):

After a delicious pizza lunch, we drove onward to Stuttgart for the Mercedes-Benz Museum.  While it was, in Marie's words "one big advertisement" it was also pretty cool.  We got audio guides (auf Deutsch, natuerlich) and free souvenir lanyards.  The building is super modern, and the tour progresses downwards along a spiral walkway.  It's in chronological order with important world events and cars on each floor (divided into about 15-25 years per exhibition).

Then, as if that wasn't a full enough day, we headed to Esslingen for a bit of wandering and wine-testing.  Well, in my case, seltzer-water drinking and wine-smelling.  Esslingen was cute and little, pretty much like Tuebingen's twin.

We came home and relaxed in a pub filled with board games.  I wish we could play hooky every day.

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