Sunday, April 29, 2012

Food Philosophizing

I discovered this lovely blog yesterday.  The author's "about" page includes this wonderful quote, encapsulating something I've wanted to put into words for quite some time:

"Cooking is a reflection of lifestyle and culture. It tells about the qualities we appreciate and adhere to. It is a form of social interaction and a way to share affection and care. It is a primary need that, unfortunately, is devaluated by the modern society. It bothers me."
and then later...
"Every spoonful [of food] is a gift. It makes cooking and eating an act of devotion." 
wise words.

Slow, purposeful eating happened last night.  From 6 until almost midnight my neighbors and I grilled, drank (beer and red wine for them, mango maracuja juice for me!), talked, and shared stories.  Six nationalities were represented, and we conversed in a mixture of German and English.  
My American Mayonnaise (Hellman's, of course) also made an appearance to garnish the wursts and chicken breasts.  
 And a little friend:

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