Friday, April 20, 2012

Honesty and Brown Sugar

I think cooking blogs bear a higher burden than other blogs when it comes to honesty.  Like science experiments (well, if we're being technical, cooking IS science) following the steps to the conclusion usually produces the desired result.  But like art, the expectations and inspiration don't always pan out.  This is one of those times.

I've liked papaya (isn't it a fun name?) since a family trip to Costa Rica when I was in middle school.  To me, it tastes like sweet, slightly caramelized brown sugar.  It's light, but also a little bit starchy.  Less fruity than many people expect it to be (I know I was surprised when I first tried it).  It's most often paired with mango or pineapple in some sort of tropical concoction like a smoothie or a fruit plate.  It's a shame that it never gets to be the star of its own show, though.

After papayas showed up at my least favorite market stall (yes, you read that right -the owner is not very friendly) I searched for recipes to use it with.  It seemed a little indulgent to spend 4.50 Euros on a piece of fruit and not turn it in to something.  So after searching for papaya recipes, it seemed like there were just four options: eat plain, make sorbet, puree into a smoothie, or ...roast?  That's right.  The most unique of the recipes from the super inspiring blog "Global Table" was for roasted papaya with coconut cream.
I had my winner.

Look at that lovely color!

Sadly, however, I just didn't enjoy the roasted papaya as much as I enjoyed it plain.  The sweetener just overwhelmed the natural, delicate flavor of the fruit.  The coconut did the same.  Good thing I only did half -the other is still sitting in my fridge waiting to be sliced and eaten. Probably outdoors -the weather is warming up again.

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