Thursday, April 12, 2012

In the Cold and the Damp

So the lovely spring weather has gone away for a bit.  It's been replaced by cool, damp weather -more fall than spring like.  That's signaled the shelving of my pretty new turquoise shoes and the return of my bean boots.  So thankful for those :)

The cold weather hasn't hindered my camera-attended wanderings, nor my perusing of upscale kitchen shops (google "Rosti Mepal" and swoon).  I love looking at pots and pans and fancy gadgets, imagining what I would buy and cook if I had unlimited funds.  You guys would all be invited, of course.

I didn't just selfishly window-shop, I looked at stuff YOU would like too!

For the Bakers, the wall of cookie cutters at my favorite cooking store (see if you can spot the Edelweiss/marijuana thing.):

For the Glasses-Wearers, look at those adorable contacts cases:

For the Nature Lovers,  how about a walk by the river by the pretty trees?:

For the Nightlifers, here's the Hoelderlin Turm (famous Neckar scene) in the dark:

For the Cartoon Enthusiasts, Spiderman makes his appearance in front of the comic-book store (don't worry, the chain is just so no one steals him!):

And for the Artists, the beautiful installation at the Hallenbad:

Wish you all could be here to find your OWN favorite things.

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