Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making Rituals

I joke a lot about my lack of organization.  I also poke fun at others who plan their days down to the minute (usually NICE fun-poking, I'm not a horrible person!).  I'll admit, though, that there's something to be said for normalcy.  It can be what makes a home a home.  Beginning a "home" somewhere new without the benefit of knowing people beforehand is hard.  Here in Germany, student housing is home rather than dorm for the vast majority of people here.  They go to see their parents fairly rarely.  They cook for themselves.  No one organizes "dorm events."  There are no RAs.  To the happily alone of us (like me) it's welcome.  That doesn't mean that Gemuetlichkeit (an untranslatable German word that means something like cozy-home-sweetness) is easily created.

Plans, and rituals can help, so I started one today.

I bought two bags of fancy tea at my favorite spice shop.  I chose spicy chocolate and caramel fruit from the basket filled with exotic colors and flavors I'd never heard of.  I also bought a little packet of sesame candy because it is just SO good.  Sitting quietly with my tea is sweet and homey.  It's the little things you never think you'll miss that strike you the most.

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