Friday, April 13, 2012

Pancake Days: Sourdough

Friends, family, other readers (if you exist?) I have an announcement:

I have been raising a beautiful baby.  My sourdough starter.  It needs to be kept at certain temperatures, fed on schedule, and handled firmly, but not too firmly.  It's a delicate balance, like I'm sure all parenting is.  And, like all parenting, it's panning out.  This morning my starter and I made pancakes.  They were SO SO SO good.  Fluffy, delicious, and not too tangy.  I used some more of my precious maple syrup to dress them up.  A little butter to make them melty and gooey.  And they made my morning twice the morning it otherwise would have been.

I used the recipe I found here at GNOWFGLINS.  I omitted the oil, though, because my pancakes were liquidy enough without it.  This site is a GREAT sourdough resource, and good for all people who are trying to work a little more "homemade" into their lives.  I'm loving the information on what to do with all the grains that are so readily available here :)

But, it wouldn't be a food post without some pictures.  So take a look at my fluffy delicious pancakes.  If you do decide to take the sourdough plunge, it's totally worth it.


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