Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo Troubles

I've been having so much trouble with blogger.  It won't let me upload any photos, and since photos are the POINT of this blog, that doesn't make updates very fun.  I finally made a photobucket account to bypass the blogger uploader. 

My second German course is over!  It was a super fun month of meeting people, having totally new experiences, and learning lots of German.  Good about that last part, huh?

We capped our experience off with a day-trip to Stuttgart.  It was rainy, cold, and super crowded.  We explored and then spend the evening in the Opera seeing "Norma" a tragedy.  The Stuttgarter Oper was so pretty!  I spent the day reading cookbooks, looking at clothes, and examining pricey kitchen gadgets.  My friend Emily and I ended the exploration with a trip to Starbucks.  That wasn't the only American thing I found!  Kaufhof has a whole shelf full of American items from taco kits to beer.  And 5 Euro Duncan Hines cake mix.  Hah.  I can make a perfectly good cake without it ;)

And Dirndls in the prom dress section:

I want this purse.  A lot.  Too bad it wouldn't match any of my clothes:

The juice bar.  Yes, my tiny drink cost 3 Euros.  Yes, it was my first American-Style smoothie since being in Germany.

Browsing and window-shopping is so much fun :)  You get all the enjoyment of shopping-shopping without all those difficult decisions lol.  We headed back to the Oper for our evening show.  Lights go down, curtain goes up:

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