Sunday, April 8, 2012

Plum Applesauce

Mmmm, Fruit Blend Applesauce.  I could eat applesauce day in and day out.  I could eat applesauce with a goat, on a boat, in the air, everywhere.  I'm not lying.  The applesauce bill in our home increases over breaks.

Because blended applesauce is especially expensive here, and I am pretty picky with texture and sweetness level (NOT a fan of applesauce with added sugar -it's far too sweet), I wanted to try making it from scratch.  I knew you had to cook fruit and then blend it, but I wasn't really sure about the proportion, or if there were fruits that I should stay away from.  I decided to search the internet for a recipe.  I only found one that matched what I was looking for.  The author of the blog Family Feedbag had a great resource for proportions.  Thank you!

Keep reading to see what I did.

I really wanted to make this with peaches or apricots, but they aren't in German stores yet, so I had to settle for another option.  I found a great sale on plums (stores try to get rid of stuff Easter Weekend because it won't stay fresh until the shops reopen on Tuesday).  I bought a kilogram of apples (six smallish-medium) and 500g of purple plums (six) and headed home.  Altogether the supplies cost me less than five Euros, and I got about 1.1kg of final product.  That works out to about 45 cents per 100g.  (as a cost comparison, the 250g jars of mixed applesauce in the store are 2.25 Euros).

I came home, chopped up all my fruit (leaving the skins on, I like my applesauce chunky) and mixed it with 2 cups of water in a big pot.  I set it over high heat until it boiled.  I then reduced the heat, simmered for about a half-an hour, and then let it cool down for a bit.  It'll look like this when it's done: 

I then poured the whole thing into my blender and blended until it was the consistency I wanted.  It's now in jars in my fridge, waiting for breakfast.  I seperated the prettiest jar for a little photo shoot.  Take a look at that color!

Mmm mmmmm goooood.

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