Monday, April 9, 2012

Real. Sweet.

I like my sweets.  Desserts of all shapes and sizes are welcome on my plate.  From gooey chocolate banana crepes to delectably frosted cakes to chocolate bars to muffins, my tummy smiles just like my face.  One thing that I especially like is sugar for breakfast.  I am very fond of a bowl of hot cereal with brown sugar and fruit.  There's a problem though -here in Germany, there is no brown sugar.  Maple syrup is extremely expensive, and white sugar just doesn't belong on oatmeal (Why does brown sugar belong then?  Don't ask me.)  I decided to buy some honey in TreffPunkt (a SUPER discount grocery store.  Like Aldi's.).  It was just ok.  Too sweet; too strongly honey flavored.  Meh.

When I finally ran out (I used it up in baking where I couldn't taste it as much) I decided to splurge a little.  I went to the natural foods store and examined my options.  I could get a babyfood-sized jar of natural Austian Alpen Honey for 7 Euros.  I could get a sliver of 14-Euro in-the-comb honey from a biodynamic farm in Bavaria -family owned since 2390 BC.  After some sensory overload, I found a giant (though unassuming) jar lurking at the back of the shelf.  1000g for 8 Euro?  (1000g is about the size of a large bottle of jarred spaghetti sauce).  I reasoned that I would use all of it eventually, and that the taste would probably be worth it.




I never knew honey could taste so sweet and creamy.  If I ever have to answer one of those quizzes where they ask you weird questions like "what do you think heaven tastes like?" I'll know how to answer.

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