Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ritter Sport

The Ritter Sport factory is just 30 minutes away from Tuebingen.  With my semester ticket it is only 2.60 Euro to get there.  I managed to get a group together, and we took the 12:13 bus out to Waldenbuch to check the chocolate out.  Man was it fun, and delicious!  They have super cheap chocolate (69 Euro cents per bar.  The cheapest elsewhere is upwards of 88 Euro cents a bar).  They also have an art gallery and a chocolate museum.  We opted for the chocolate museum with its adorable free-sample machine.  Check it out:

You just press the little green button, and the "factory" lights up.  The little door opens.

...and a little red truck carrying a bar of chocolate appears.  It dumps it into a little slot, and you reach in and get it.  You can do this AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.  But you really can't.  The line is insane.

Little bars of chocolate waiting for you to press that button.   Mmmmmmmmm.

Oh yeah, we came to see the museum.  Sorry bout that.

Cacao Tree replica.
Vintage Chocolate Packaging.

Important events of the '60s.  Kidney-shaped coffee tables what??  How is that as important as Schlager?

Then we went off to the store.  The most important part of the experience, of course.

Boxes of "reject chocolate" at 55 cents a bar.  Too bad they were all milk chocolate :(

Meters of minis.  Ritter is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year!

The haul.  Mine is the modest four bars at the back, just FYI.  We spent a little time exploring the town, but this post already has way too many photos.  Another day ;)

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