Sunday, May 6, 2012

For My Grown-Up Taste Buds

My maternal grandmother always had this bowl of potpourri on the table in the basement kitchen.  I remember  being fascinated by it for several reasons.  Firstly, because when I held a chunk right under my nose it was strong enough to make me want to sneeze.  Secondly, because it was her favorite shade of cranberry-red that populated the whole house.  Thirdly, because there was a whole dried pomegranate, right smack dab in the middle.  When I shook it, the seeds inside made a pleasant rattling sound.  One Christmas I remember running down to the kitchen to check on that potpourri bowl (the work of a seven-year-old is just never-ending!) and finding a new addition.

There, right next to the pomegranate was a ball the size of an orange wrapped in foil to look like, well, an orange.  My mom explained that it was her favorite sort of chocolate, orange-flavored.  I was certain (one of my many drastic seven-year-old opinions) that nothing could be quite so gross.

Fast forward 12 years (uhm.  wow.) and I've discovered the delights of orange and chocolate.  Not sure how it happened, but one morning I woke up determined to make orange chocolate cookies.  Thankfully this bright and cheerful blog had a post dedicated to orange cookies.  After dipping them in a little chocolate, I had my fix.

No pictures for now :(  If I manage to get my act together before I devour them, I'll add some ;)

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