Saturday, May 26, 2012

Orange You Glad...

I like Orange food didn't you know?  Especially when it tastes like Oranges.  I can't figure out if Oranges were named after Orange, or if Orange was named after Oranges?  Very confusing.  Something to ponder while I made this:

The most time-consuming cake in the world.  And OH so worth it.  Oh my, yes.

You'll recall my recent obsession with the combination of orange and chocolate.  Given that, it's no surprise how I reacted when I saw this.  Please click on this link and take a moment to look at the pictures.  The flaky sea salt.  The dark chocolate frosting.  The moist, dense, orange cake.  Oh my.  Oh my. 

I decided right as I saw the first picture that I HAD to make it.  HAD TO.  Despite the fact that I am leaving on a fabulous adventure on Sunday, I needed to create this masterpiece.  Right.  Away.

So being a powerful independent woman I seized my destiny and did just that.

I started baking at 11:30 PM.  The cake came out of the oven at 2 AM and rested "overnight".  In the morning, I had this (pre-breakfast taste test, just cause I could):

Then it was frosting time.  I sliced the cake in halves and froze one, because this is a 10-12 serving cake, and I am one girl.  I did the keep-the-plate-clean trick my mom taught me: 

I mixed some frosting (halfway between Texas Cake frosting and the frosting from the recipe, because I could not find unsweetened chocolate).

I frosted it.  I put it in the fridge.  I waited what felt like an eternity.  I sprinkled it with the pretzel salt that Flo refuses to use on his pretzels.  Pretty sure the German public would shun him, just like we have.  Then S. came over and we had a lunchtime Kaffee-Klatch over cake and tea.  Nothing like playing grown up.

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