Friday, May 11, 2012

Pudding for Pudding

For lots of people, Rice Pudding is the ultimate comfort food.  They have memories of their grandmothers ladling spoonfuls of the stuff filled to bursting with plump juicy raisins and sweet cinnamon.  I don't remember the first time I ate rice pudding, but it certainly wasn't in such a setting.  It was probably at summer camp or somewhere institutional like that.  Since it was clearly not memorable, I probably found it just ok.  For whatever reason I have always found it a bit "blah."  It just never excited me the way a chocolate layer cake or a crumble or ice cream would, until now.

Enter Joy the Baker.  How had I never stumbled upon this acclaimed food blog before??  I think I found it looking for something completely unrelated, but somehow her rice pudding recipe really stood out to me.  Strange, ya, but I cook with my heart.  Oh goodness, someone please hit me for saying that.

Anywho, coconut rice pudding appealed to me for several reasons.  One, because it's dairy free.  I'm not the biggest dairy person, so something make with so much milk and heavy cream just doesn't do it for me.  Second, because I'm pretty into orange zest lately.  It's my thing.

I only made three changes to the recipe.  One, I added less sugar.  Two, I used extra orange zest.  Three, I served it up with fresh strawberries.

Happy weekend ;)

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