Saturday, June 30, 2012

Buttermilk and Berries

Mmm. Cake.

Baking blogs are just so inspiring.  I'm never sure how they manage to make their cakes so fluffy and light, their cookies so thick and gooey, or their piecrusts so perfectly browned.  Yes, I can make all of these things, but not with the same artistic flair as the likes of Desserts for Breakfast or Smitten Kitchen can.

While perusing the artful photography and recipes of the latter, I came across a delicious-looking buttermilk cake.  Just the thing to make for the tea party I was planning.  Light, lemony, sweet, and almost puddingy in the center, it was just delectable.  The sweetness of the fruit (almost 2 cups of fresh fruit in the whole thing!!) was fresh and crisp, and the lemon helped ensure the cake itself was never cloying.

I halved the recipe and baked about 50 minutes in a loaf pan (with a little tinfoil hat to prevent over-browning).  Just a note about all the butter you see greasing the pan: comments on the recipe said that even nonstick pans, like mine, didn't work well and their cakes fell apart.  I was taking NO chances.

The loaf made 12 servings, and, not to brag, but every single one was delicious.

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