Monday, June 11, 2012

Discovering Stockholm: Part III

After the museum, we decided to head back to Gamla Stan (the old city) to check out an authentic candy store!  We read about it in "things not to miss" and it sounded just like something we needed to see.  Plus it was indoors.

It had a name we couldn't pronounce, and none of the candy labels were in English.  That whole "German-speakers-can-read-Swedish" thing does NOT hold true with many fruit flavors.  Thankfully the staff spoke English, and were super helpful.  The workshop was glassed-in, so you could see them making their candies (spicy licorice was the flavor of the day).  The little buckets attached to the workshop hold freshly made, freshly wrapped candy.  So many flavors!

From there, we set off to do perhaps the most touristy thing we could possibly do.  Also, btw, perhaps the most delicious.  We went to a Viking restaurant!  The inside was dark and cozy.  The wooden benches were covered in furs (probably fake).  The silverware looked like something someone named Bjorn or Sven would use.  It was pretty pricey, so we settled on appetizers and ordered something special for dessert.  Great minds think alike.  Dinner was beets with melted goat cheese and honey.  Dessert was a tower of honey-almond wafers with honey cream and berries.  So.  Good.  I think I know what my kitchen experimentation goal of next Saturday will be... 

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