Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunny Wanderings

As the title implies, it's been a lot sunnier here.  I took advantage of that with a friend the other day on the Neckarinsel (the island in the Neckar by the Altstadt).  I was pretty careless with the sunscreen and a pretty agonizing burn resulted.  Oi.  For that reason, I've been the only person in this city wearing sleeves.  Awkward.

The weather was equally nice yesterday, and my former (sniffle) neighbor Daniyal and I headed out to the farm and the botanical gardens to relax in between homework (for him) and napping (for me).  I lead such a difficult life.  D took a plant biology class a couple years ago, and, true to scientist form, remembered most of it.  He pointed out the plants in German and I tried my best to guess what they were in English.  I think we did pretty well...

When the bananas are ripe, I'm coming back to snag a few ;)  It's totally allowed, unlike making off with an entire aloe plant.  I might just have tried to do that...

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