Sunday, July 15, 2012

Arepa Caprese Sandwiches

Whew.  This whole "no bread" thing is quite the challenge.  Thankfully I discovered the "Arepa" a kind of South American corn English muffin.  Incredibly simple to make and very delicious with a wide array of spreads, they're my new go to.

I started with 1.5 cups of warm water, a "glug" of rapeseed oil, and a generous sprinkle of salt.  I then poured my yellow cornflour in and mixed until the dough was the consistency of clay.  I let it sit for a bit and then formed it into patties the size of hockey pucks but with about half the width.  Above is attempt number one.  Attempt two came out much better.  I then put them in a frying pan with a thin coating of oil and fried until they were golden on each side (5 minutes per side).  Most recipes involved baking them in the oven (350; 6-8 minutes), but I was too hungry to wait, and found that mine came out good enough.  Next time I will try putting them in the oven to see if it makes a meaningful difference.

Today for dinner I made a Caprese sandwich with produce directly from the farmers' market in the Altstadt.  I used a delicious "oxheart" tomato and some fresh chard leaves.  I had to settle for store-brand mozzarella, because I don't exactly have unlimited funds ;)


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