Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Simplest (and most delicious) Soup Ever

Yes, it's summer.  Yes, I had a craving for tomato soup and grilled cheese.  Lucky thing, because the farmstands are totally overflowing with fresh, glowy, beautiful tomatoes.  I knew these beauties could really shine in soup, so I went ahead and picked up just over two kilos (four and a half pounds) of assorted tomatoes -green and stripey, romas, yellow, red, sauce tomatoes.  They were all perfect and ripe and juicy and colorful.  Just look!

I washed, destemmed, and sliced them (along with two very small onions).  I did not skin them or seed them or cut around the fleshy centers -just washed and chopped.  I added a couple tablespoons of olive oil, a big dash of salt, Italian seasoning, and cracked black pepper.  I then spread them in a single layer on two foil-lined oven trays.  I roasted them at 350 until they were soft, fragrant, and, well, roasted.  Not sure how long it was exactly.  I just checked them every few minutes or so.

Slice.  Season.  Spread:

I didn't get pictures of them post-roast because my neighbor was in the kitchen and I don't want to seem like a weirdo taking pictures of my food.  Even though I am.

The next step is just as easy: puree.  Add a little water, broth, or cream during this step if you want your soup to be thinner.  I liked it thick like it was.  (Side note: with the addition of some garlic, another onion, and a few more spices, this would be a great tomato sauce.  Just make sure to drain the liquid off of your roasted tomatoes -it's too liquidy otherwise).

Without any additional liquid, this made four nice soup servings.  I ate mine with a delicious Edamer grilled cheese!

Already looking forward to dinner tomorrow ;)  Do yourself a favor and make some roasted tomato soup.  Now.

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