Sunday, July 8, 2012

Triberg and Freiburg

Yesterday some friends and I went to Triberg and Freiburg.  It was the longest day trip I have ever been on.  I'm pretty sure we spent more time on the train than we did at the actual sites.  We had a really nice time -hiked the Wasserfall in Triberg, checked out a shop or two, and walked (!!!) back to the Hauptbahnhof.  It's a pretty steep walk.  That whole Southern-European sense of time really exists.  We had to run for pretty much every train.  Exciting to say the least.  All in all it was a beautiful, fun, and exhausting day.  Thank you wonderful people!

Hausach (hour-long Umsteigzeit on our way to Triberg)



Enjoying my last four weeks here.  It's going by painfully fast.

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