Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In Pictures: Altona and Ottensen

Fall in Altona (by the church)
The place I call home is a quarter of the city of Hamburg called Ottensen, on the western part of the city. It's separated from the Altstadt (the city center, where the old churches, government buildings, and shopping is) by the St. Pauli district. That's where the partying happens and where (bow chicka woww woww) the red light district is. I spend the majority of my time in these three areas, and traveling through them to get to the others.

There are some pretty great sights to see in my neighborhood. St. Pauli pictures to come tomorrow, Altstadt pictures for Friday!
The world belongs to those who think louder than others scream (ad for Die Welt), Altona
Gummy Bear Shop, Verkaufsoffenersonntag, Altona
Lutheran Cemetery, Ottensen
Graffitti, Altona
Trick-or-Treating with my little bats, vampires, and witches, Ottensen

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