Friday, November 15, 2013

In Pictures: The Altstadt

Bank of China occupies the primest of prime real estate
Each German city has an Altstadt (literally "old city"). It's the part of the city where the old churches, the Rathaus (seat of the city government, usually the prettiest building in a German-speaking city), and other major tourist attractions are. It's also where the shopping is -from super ritzy to budget.

To give you some context, it takes just under 30 minutes by bike to get to the Rathaus (generally considered to be the center of a city). Part of the ride home involves biking up hill, dodging the pedestrians who can't be bothered to NOT WALK IN THE BIKE LANE. In other news, I will have legs and buns of steel next time you all see me.

The Altstadt is very pretty, and a great place to take a walk, as long as you avoid the Jungfernstieg and the surrounding area. That's where all of the shops are, and it is so packed with tourists on any given day that it's not very fun to explore without a specific idea of where you want to go.
Smoke Break

View of Hamburg's Catholic Church
Hamburger Rathaus (my favorite Rathaus in Germany -it's stunning)
It's full of canals and brick warehouses. So pretty :)

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