Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Introducing a New Series

Hi readers old and new! I'm about to unveil a brand new series called "The Emma Enthused Guide to Studying Abroad in Germany." I'll reveal valuable tips, tricks, and questions from my long experience living, traveling, and yes, studying abroad in Germany.

Stay Tuned for Posts Covering:

What to Bring
Saving Money
Traveling in Germany
Hassle-Free Hostel Travel
Not in Kansas Anymore: Weirdest German Things  
Best Drugstore Products
What to Eat
What to Eat: Tuebingen Edition
How to learn German
Umgangsprache 101
Only in Germany
City Profile: Tuebingen
City Profile: Munich
City Profile: Stuttgart
City Profile: Dresden
City Profile: Nuremburg
City Profile: Hamburg

...and more

Looking forward to have you join me on an inside look of Germany to help you make the most of your semester abroad!

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