Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quote Christianity

In the social media business, we run across a lot of quotes. There are business quotes, inspirational quotes, cheesy quotes, and, yes, quotes about faith. I rarely see one that really hits me. After day after day of words scrolling by, they start to all sound the same. "Be better!' "Be godlier!" "Sell more product!" "I am innovative!" 'I'm nothing special, but the guy that said me is!" Most of them don't really say anything at all.

In my opinion, the worst are the Christian quotes. Now before I offend someone, I don't think that reminders of faith are bad. I don't think that art is bad. I think it's the "quote culture" that I think when we reduce our expression of Christianity to a sound byte or a board on Pinterest that we lose something really valuable. When we shrink such powerful and amazing concepts down to an aesthetically-pleasing color pop for out kitchenette, without ever pausing to re-expand them, it's easy to forget them. To let them fade into the shabby-chic background.

So I was surprised when I stumbled upon this one. Instead of shrinking faith down to a nibble-able nugget, it offers a challenge that jolted me.

That's what a quote should be. Not a decoration on the wall, not something to add to a collection, but a powerful reminder that we can, and should, be better.

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