Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chocolate Beet Cake

I haven't eaten something this wonderful in quite a long time. You know those foods that just hit the spot, where you find each bite delicious, complex, and satisfying?

That's this. Beet cake.

I like beets, and I've cooked with them before. They're not only a beautiful testament of nature's power with their luscious color and marbled insides. They have a delicious earthy flavor that adds gravity to everything they're in. I like them best roasted in foil and then sliced and tossed with greens (including their own -don't throw them out!), goat cheese, and vinaigrette.

I haven't baked anything for myself recently, and realized that was just what this cold and drizzly Friday night was calling for. I wanted something simple, wholesome, and cozy that wasn't overwhelmingly sweet. I settled on chocolate cake.