Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ms. Enthused

Columbia University Quad
One of my clearest childhood memories took place around 10 PM in my childhood bedroom in our little Massachusetts town. I had piled every single one of my stuffed animals around me in my too-big bed, and was teaching them, one by one, the names of the capitols of all the US states I could remember. My favorite toy (and, coincidentally, star pupil!) was acing it.

I fell asleep when we were halfway through the south.

That wasn’t the last time teaching kept me up late. For as long as I can remember, from impromptu geography classes to revising real-world lesson plans, I’ve squeezed it in between “real life.”

Until the end of May when I just had this feeling. I realized I was searching for ways to increase the time I spent coaching middle school debate. One afternoon, knee deep in browser tabs for “debate coach,” “after-school homework help,” and “college counselor,” something popped out that I wasn’t expecting. Something I knew in my heart of heart was “IT,” but I was honestly terrified to pursue.

I mean, after 4 moves in the past 6 months and 2 different jobs, I was enjoying the stability of the day to day.

Nonetheless, I applied at the very last minute on the very last day (thanks to some gentle reminders insistent tough love) from F.

I heard nothing for weeks, and assumed that it just wasn’t meant to be.

Until it was.

(It was not that simple –I’ll tell you the whole story in person sometime soon)

The short version is: Emma the social media guru is now Ms. Enthused the middle school social studies teacher at a well-known charter school, and pursuing her masters’ degree in education. (not at Columbia -their quad is just so gorgeous).

And I couldn’t be happier.